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About Us

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We are Ron and Maureen Bula. We have been committed to sustainably raising healthier food since we purchased a farm set in the Baraboo bluffs back in 1993. As our family began to grow we wanted to supply it with the best and healthiest food we could and in a way helped to improve the environment. Little did we know how a farm consisting of a garden and a few cattle would grow and diversify over time.

Ron worked in a career of farm finance and Maureen worked as a 1st grade teacher. The farm was always a second job and a place where we were able to explore our interests and passion of working the land and sharing the bounty we reaped with friends and family.


Our ideas of how we go about our work have evolved over time as we have continued to learn. We have progressed through various models of production, from conventional, to organic, to what is now termed as regenerative.

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